Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet Black #289842

Part Number: 289842
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Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet Black #289842

Welding caps & bandanas This classic black Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet is an upgrade from our Miller Classic Series Helmets. This helmet features new digital controls with different settings. The Miller Digital Performance series now includes cut and grind mode in addition to welding to serve different applications. A .1 to 1-second sensitivity and delay control allows precision when welding. The 5 amp TIG rating means you can successfully weld the thinnest material. Use the adjustable headband to get your most secure and comfortable fit. This helmet features a lightweight and compact design which is strong and easy to use. A quick-release cover lens makes it easy to replace lenses when needed. Two Lithium batteries with solar assist provide 3,000 hours of battery life for extended use. This helmet comes with five outside cover replacement lenses, two inside cover lenses and a bag for storage. Welders Supply offers this helmet package for an unbeatable price with free shipping.


  • 3.0 Light State - Brighter light state that allows operators to keep their hood down, improving safety and productivity.
  • AutoSense™ - Automatically sets the helmet sensitivity by sensing your welding environment. Ideal for weld operators who frequently adjust their settings for changing welding environments.
  • Three Operating Modes - Weld, Cut, and Grind provide enhanced versatility.
  • Digital Controls - Intuitive design and large push buttons allow user to easily adjust mode and settings.
  • Half Shade Settings - For precise shade adjustments.
  • Variable Shade - Allows operators to customize the lens shade to their needs.
  • Quick Release Cover Lens - Simplifies lens changes and reduces downtime.
  • Three Arc Sensors - Three independent arc sensors provide consistent lens response for obstructed or low amp welding.
  • Gen 3.5 Headgear - Flexible, ergonomic design provides enhanced support, stability and comfort.
  • Auto-On/Off - Lens automatically turns on at the strike of an arc.

Miller Digital Performance Welding Helmet Black Part #289842 Specs

Arc Sensors
  • 3
Colors Patterns
  • Black
Delay Control
  • Yes
  • Yes
Grind Mode
  • Yes
Low Amp TIG Rated
  • Yes
Low Battery Indicator
  • Yes
  • Weld
  • Cut
  • Grind
  • X-Mode
Reaction Time
  • 1/25,000
Sensitivity Control
  • Yes
Shell Material
  • Nylon
Shade Range
  • 5-8, 8-13
Viewing Field
  • 7.22"

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