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Miller Dimension™ 650 380/460 V ArcReach™ 907617001

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Product Number: 907617001

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Miller Dimension™ 650 380/460 V ArcReach™ 907617001

Developed for harsh environmental conditions and output requirements that range from power-intensive to precise. ArcReach provides remote control of the power source without a cord – saving time and money.


Rugged and Durable Inside and Out - All aluminum construction helps the machine resist corrosion for long life.Exclusive protection input inductor protects machines performance and reliability from “dirty” input power.Wind Tunnel Technology™. Internal air flow that protects electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust, debris... greatly improving reliability.Fan-On-Demand™ operates only when needed reducing noise, power consumption, and the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine.

Smaller and lighter - Reduced size and weight results in an easier-to-handle package that exceeds the welding performance of larger, heavier machines. The Dimension 650 uses 40 percent less floor space than previous model.

Power efficient - High electrical efficiency and excellent power factor mean that you can get more welding done using less power.On 460 VAC, the new Dimension 650 draws only 43 amps at rated load and can operate on a 50-amp service. Four new machines can work at maximum loads simultaneously on a 200-amp service, drawing less amperage than three previous models.

Improved Arc Performance - High-quality performance from power-intensive to precise.Gouging mode provides 800 amps of usable power, a full 650 amps of power at 100-percent duty cycle. Perfect for heavy gouging with 3/8-inch carbons.Three wire modes (GMAW/FCAW/SAW) for simplified setup and optimized arc performance. Solid and flux-cored wires with gas offer exceptional short-arc MIG precision to weld thin metals with less risk of distortion or burn-through, and premium Flux-Cored welding with gas. Flux-Cored (self-shielded) welding performance is exceptional, especially with wires commonly found in infrastructure construction. Sub Arc mode provides capability to retrofit into nondigital Sub Arc applications. Excellent Stick and Lift Arc TIG performance.Arc control is beneficial when welding with Stick and solid wires for easier fine-tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications.

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  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Submerged Arc (SAW)
  • TIG (GTAW)

Miller Dimension™ 650  ArcReach™Specifications:

Industries Interests Construction
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Carbon Diameter 3/8 ub (9.5 mm)
Current Type DC
Input Voltage 380/400 V
460/480 V
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Max Open Circuit Voltage 87 VDC
Portability Lift Eye (Standard)
Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Net Height 28.817 in
Net Length 31.625 in
Net Weight 158 lbs
Weldable Metals Aluminum
Specialty Metals
Stainless Steel
Net Width 16.687 in
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty


Height: 31.00 Inches
Width: 21.00 Inches
Length: 36.00 Inches
Weight: 165 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Which running gear will work with this? A - The Dimension 650 Running Gear, #301307
Q - What is the output rating? A - 650 A at 44 VDC, 100% duty cycle

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