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Hypertherm Powermax45 XP #088119
Hypertherm Powermax45 XP #088119

Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP Machine System: CPC/Serial 1/0 Cables 25' (220V CSA) #088119

Part Number: 088119
UPC: 00662310367824
$3,400.00 + Free Shipping

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Cut capacity:

1/2" Capacity

1/2" Capacity

Plasma torch:



Power supply:

220V Single Phase

220V Single Phase

Material type:

Mild Steel

Mild Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel



  • 220V Single Phase Plasma Cutter220V Single Phase
  • 1/2 inch cut capacity plasma cutter1/2" Cut Capacity
  • Mechanized plasma torch included180° Machine Torch
  • 20 ft lead plasma cutter25' Leads (6.1m)
  • CPC plasma cutterMachine System with CPC Port
  • Hypertherm 3 year warranty3-Year Power Warranty
  • Student rebate availableFirst Time Student Rebate

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP #088119 Machine System CPC/Serial 1/0 Cables 25'

Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP Student RebateHypertherm Powermax 45 XP Trade Ins

Powermax45 XP Plasma Cutter #088119—Your Ideal Portable CNC Plasma Cutter Realized

Continuing their streak of excellence, Hypertherm once again impresses with the Powermax45 XP. Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, the Powermax45 (our best-selling plasma cutter ever), the 45 XP showcases exceptional performance at every level. This machine effortlessly slices through mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, making it a must-have tool for precision gouging, cutting, shaping and metal marking. Boasting up to 70% more power compared to similarly sized units from competitors, you truly get the latest and greatest, right in your hands. 

Easy-to-use with a versatile design

  • Small size and lightweight provides exceptional portability for a 16 mm (5/8") rated cutting system.
  • Handheld and mechanized usage with CNC interface and FastConnect™ torch connection.
  • Patented drag-cutting technology makes it easy to use – even for first-time operators.
  • Tackle different jobs with multiple, easy-to-use torch and consumable styles.
  • No need to change the air pressure. Smart Sense™ technology ensures that it is always correctly set.
  • Mark, score and make precision gouges with new low amp process.

Maximum productivity

  • Finish jobs faster with cut speeds one and a half times greater than oxyfuel on 6 mm (1/4") mild steel.
  • Spend less time on grinding and edge preparation due to superior cut and gouge quality.
  • Fast change out of consumables using the new torch disables switch feature.

Rugged and reliable

  • Duramax® Lock torches are designed for high-impact and heat resistance.
  • SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch.
  • Hypertherm Certified™ reliability ensures performance in the most demanding environment.

Powermax 45 XP at A Glance

  • 5/8” (16mm) rated cutting capability (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Duramax® Lock torch with disable switch for fast and easy replacement of consumables.
  • CNC interface and FastConnect™ torch connection
  • Smart Sense™ automatically monitors and adjusts air pressure for maximum performance
  • Consumables available for fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, gouging, precision gouging, marking

Included With This Machine System Package (#088119):

The Hypertherm Powermax 45XP package 088119 includes the Powermax 45XP CSA Machine System with CPC port & Serial Ports, I/O Cables 25 ft. (7.6 m) leads.  All components in this package are fully backed by Hypertherm’s 3-year warranty (Powermax) and 1-year coverage on torch and lead. Register your Hypertherm Powermax 45XP package for safety, education and service support.


Stock up on Powermax 45XP consumables with the handheld CSA consumable kit or essential handheld consumables kit. For a compatible torch, see the Hypertherm® 45 Amp Duramax™ Lock Plasma Torch.

Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Additional Error Codes and Troubleshooting for the Powermax 45 XP

Cut Chart for Powermax 45 XP

What sets the Powermax 45 XP apart from the Powermax 45?

The new Powermax 45XP improves upon the Powermax 45 in both big and small ways. The end result is a finely-tuned, highly versatile piece of machinery equally suited to both the seasoned pro and the novice or hobbyist. And with more power at your disposal, you’ll work faster and have better results.

Shop all Hypertherm products and accessories or browse plasma cutting consumables and safety equipment available online at Welders Supply.

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  Power Supply Only Handheld Torch Included Machine Torch Included
Handheld Only    
CPC Port
CPC & Serial Port  

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Powermax 45XP Plasma Cutter #088119 Specifications

Input voltages
(± 10%)


200 – 240 V, 1-PH, 50-60 Hz
480 V, 3-PH, 50-60 Hz


230 V, 1-PH, 50-60 Hz
400 V, 3-PH, 50-60 Hz

Input Current @ 5.95 kW


200/240 V, 1-PH, 39/32 A
480 V, 3-PH, 9.4 A


230 V, 1-PH, 33 A
400 V, 3-PH, 10 A

Output current

10 - 45 A

Rated output voltage

145 VDC

Duty cycle @ 40°C (104°F)


50% @ 45 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH
60% @ 41 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH
100% @ 32 A, 200 – 240 V, 1-PH
50% @ 45 A, 480 V, 3-PH
60% @ 41 A, 480 V, 3-PH
100% @ 32 A, 480 V, 3-PH


50% @ 45 A, 230 V, 1-PH
60% @ 41 A, 230 V, 1-PH
100% @ 32 A, 230 V, 1-PH
50 % @ 45 A, 400 V, 3-PH
60% @ 41 A, 400 V, 3-PH
100% @32 A, 400 V, 3-PH

Open circuit voltage (OCV)

275 VDC (200-240 V, CSA/CE/CCC and 480 V, CSA)
265 VDC (400 V CE/CCC)

Cuttable metals

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Weight with 6.1 m (20') torch


14 kg (31 lbs)


15 kg (33 lbs)

Gas Supply

Cutting: air (clean, dry and oil-free), nitrogen, F5
Gouging: air (clean, dry and oil-free), nitrogen, F5
Marking: air (clean, dry and oil-free), argon

Recommended gas inlet
flow rate / pressure

188 l/min (400 scfh; 6 scfm) @ 90 psi (5.9 bar)

Input power cable length

3 m (10')

Power supply type

Inverter - IGBT

Engine drive requirement 12.5 kVA (10kW) for full 45 A output
Electrical efficiency 88%
Recyclability 100%
Certifications CSA certified for use in Americas and Asia, except  China. CCC for use in China. CE, REM, GOST-TR, ukrSEPRO, and Serbian AAA for use in Europe, Austrailia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other countries where accepted

Power supply: 3-year
Torch: 1-year

Product Questions and Answers

Q - What uses is the Powermax45 XP not good for? A - The Powermax45 XP is not recommended for use in max removal gouging. Try the Powermax65 for that.
Q - What applications is the Powermax 45 XP good for? A - The Hypertherm Powermax45XP is approved for drag cutting, fine feature cutting, max control gouging, extended reach cutting, flush cutting, mechanized cutting, extended reach gouging, marking, and precision gouging.
Q - Why do I need the CPC port? A - The CPC port enables you to connect the machine torch to the machine to allow you to use the cutter with an XY table, or other mechanized applications
Q - What type of air should I use? A - That depends on your application. Always use clean, dry, and oil-free gas. For cutting and gouging use air, nitrogen or F5 gas. For marking use air, or argon

How to install a line-disconnect switch:

  1. Line-disconnect switch.

    Use a line-disconnect switch for each plasma power supply to allow the operator to turn off the incoming power quickly in an emergency.

  2. Place the switch.

    Place the switch so that it is easily accesible to the operator. Installation must be performed by a licensed electrician.

  3. The interrupt level.

    The interrupt level of the switch must equal or exceed the continuous rating of the fuses/breakers.

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