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Miller LiveArc Welding Performance Management System #907714001

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Product Number: 907714001
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LiveArc Welding Performance Management System for GMAW, FCAW & SMAW applications 907714001

Miller LiveArc offers a reality-based recruiting, screening and training solution. The Miler LiveArc welding performance management system is ideal for lab training as it provides a simulation/pre-weld setup mode in addition to a live-arc training mode. This combination enables users to gain hands-on experience and practice real techniques in a digital environment to build confidence before transitioning into real welding. In both modes, LiveArc provides instant, valuable feedback on welding technique to quickly evaluate welders and help build skills. 

High-Tech Features that Make Miller LiveArc Stand Out

Miller LiveArc harnesses the latest technology to improve welding education. The hybrid of digital and real-world applications enabled by LiveArc speeds up the learning process and saves money on materials in the long run.

  • Motion-Tracking Technology - Cameras track the movement of LEDs in the MIG SmartGun and SMAW SmartStinger and compare the operator's performance to a pre-set standard. The system displays the evaluation on the screen and provides feedback for the operator.
  • Industry-Exclusive MIG SmartGun - The SmartGun for LiveArc is compatible with Miller power sources and works in non-arc weld simulations as well as live-arc weld scenarios. The built-in display offers initial feedback, and buttons on the gun make it fast and easy to navigate exercises. The SmartGun features vibration feedback.
  • Weld Operator Interface - An intuitive interface guided by graphical icons makes sure users quickly pick up the system and maximize learning time. After one of the many assignments is completed, the operator receives detailed feedback on their technique. Assignments include material selection and preparation, power source and wire feeder settings, and welding technique parameter values.
  • Instructor Interface - The easy-to-use interface for instructors ensures assignments can quickly be prepared and customized with the specifics you need. Also, LiveArc stores the data of individual operators so instructors can review the performance and monitor the ongoing development of each welder they instruct.
  • Welding Positioning Arm - The positioning arm allows for the training and testing of out-of-position welding. The calibration, motion-tracking, and feedback work the same as the tabletop welding exercises.
  • Industrial-Quality Construction - LiveArc is a heavy-duty system that is built to withstand use. It features a rugged 1/2 inch reversible steel table for flexible coupon placement, and comes with real station features like drawers, a gun holder, quick-release clamps and heavy-duty casters. It has an HD monitor and industrial computer with solid-state technology and filterless, fanless cooling.

Benefits of the Miller LiveArc Welding Education System

Miller LiveArc is a versatile and effective system that provides an exceptional range of benefits:

  • Optimize instructor efficiency
  • Deliver real-time feedback
  • Reduce overall training time
  • Assess weld operator skills and performance
  • Minimize material cost
  • Enhance job candidate recruiting and screening
  • Build a larger, more skilled workforce 

Quick Specs

Miller LiveArc provides learning experience for common processes, welding positions, and joints:

Processes MIG (GMAW)
Gas-shielded flux-cored (FCAW-G)
Stick (SMAW)
Welding Positions 2F – 4F
1G– 4G
Joints T-joint
Butt joint (square groove)
Lap joint
Single v-groove
Single-bevel groove

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Millermatic LiveArc Specifications

Processes MIG (GMAW)
Gas-shielded flux-cored (FCAW-G)
Stick (SMAW)
Welding Positions 2F – 4F
1G– 4G
Joints T-joint
Butt joint (square groove)
Lap joint
Single v-groove
Single-bevel groove
Input Power 120 V, 1-phase, 60 Hz
Rated Output Specs SmartGun (GMAW/FCAW): 400 A at 60% duty cycle (GMAW)
SmartStinger (SMAW): 250 A at 60% duty cycle (SMAW)
Clamps Two table clamps
C-clamp assembly
Removable arm extension for right- and left-hand applications
Net Height 77.5 in. (1,969 mm)
Net Length 31 in. (787 mm)
Net Width 46 in. (1,168 mm)
Net Weight GMAW/FCAW system: 480 lb. (218 kg)
GMAW/FCAW/SMAW system: 527 lb. (239 kg)
Computer Intel Core i7, 128 GB SSD, fanless cooling, HDMI port supports most secondary monitors (not included)
Monitor 21.5 HD LCD touch screen display
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty


Height: 77.50 Inches
Width: 46.00 Inches
Length: 31.00 Inches
Weight: 500 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - What are the safety features on this training system? A - In simulation mode the trigger deactivates to prevent accidental live arc welding.
Q - How long is the warranty? A - It comes with a 1 year warranty.

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