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Miller AugmentedArc® Augmented Reality Welding System 951823

Product Number: 951823


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Miller AugmentedArc® Augmented Reality Welding System 951823

The industry's most realistic welding simulation solution for classroom training. For beginner to advanced-level weld students, the AugmentedArc system simulates multiple welding processes, blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment.


What's Included:

  • AugmentedArc Simulator
  • Teacher Software
  • Black Infinity AR Helmet with Premium Headgear (271325)
  • AugmentedArc router (277397)
  • MIG Gun (301401) with AR Nozzle (277269)
  • Stick Stinger (277258)
  • TIG Torch (301400) with AR Nozzle (283068)
  • Two Electrode/Filler Rods with AR Tips (277267)
  • Work Stand (277266) for Out-of-Position Applications
  • T-Joint Workpiece (277270)
  • Butt Joint Workpiece (277274)
  • Lap Joint Workpiece (277273)
  • Pipe-to-Plate Workpiece (277276)
  • Butt Pipe Workpiece (277275)

Not Included:

  • TIG Foot Pedal Kit (286033)


  • Improved AugmentedArc Helmet
  • New TIG Foot Pedal Accessory Kit
  • Teacher Software
  • Specially Designed Gun, Torch, Stinger and Filler Metal Components
  • Specially Coded Workpieces
  • AugmentedArc display
  • Welding Simulation Screen
  • Post-Weld Feedback Screen
  • Optimize Instructor efficiency
  • Deliver real-time feedback
  • Reduce overall training time
  • Minimize material cost
  • Build a larger, more-skilled welding workforce
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Processes Material Types Joints Workpiece Positions Input Power
MIG (GMAW) Steel Bead on Plate Horizontal 115 V, 15 A, 60 Hz
Flux-Cored (FCAW) Stainless T-Joint Vertical 230 V, 10 A, 50 Hz
Stick (SMAW) Aluminum Butt Joint Flat  
TIG (GTAW)   Lap Joint Overhead  
    Butt Pipe    

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