Grinding Wheels

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WALTER "SPIN-ON" 4 1/2" x 1/4" Grinding Wheel #08-B-450
WALTER "SPIN-ON" 4 1/2" x 1/4" Grinding Wheel
Norton Gemini Type 27 #Hubbed Grinding Wheels
Norton Gemini Type 27, 1/4" Thick, 5/8" Pkg 10
Starting at $116.20
SAIT 4-1/2x1/4x7/8 A24N Fast Grinding Metal/Stainless No Hub Type 27 Grinding Wh…
SAIT High Performance Cut-off Wheels #22072 (50 pack)

Grinding Wheels

Cutting, polishing, and smoothing out metal is all done with a grinder. As such the only difference between them in terms of what task you are performing is the kind of wheel you attach to the end of your grinder. In the case of a grinding wheel we only stock the best and as such carrying the Norton and Walter brands. However, if a new brand comes out that is superior we shall stock that as well. So check back periodically to make sure your equipment is the very best there is. Now when it comes to the wheels we currently stock; the Norton grinding wheels are made of a sturdy aluminum oxide that has an abrasive surface ideally suited for small shops with various metalworking applications needing or be done. While the Walter grinding wheels feature abrasive grains within the wheel itself that help to increase the wheels hardness. Making it ideally to be used on various metal grinding applications, most notably, grinding welds down fast and effortlessly for a seamless end result.

For quality assistance determining which abrasives will work best for your needs, call Welders Supply Company at 1.800.236.8825.
Tillman Mechanics Glove #1470
Tillman Cut Resistant Mechanics Glove
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Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses Smoke/Mirror #25688
Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses Smoke/Mirror #25688
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Jackson Safety VIBE Earmuff #20774
Jackson Safety, VIBE Earmuff
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Tillman Green Sleeves #6217
Tillman Green Sleeves
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Tillman Leather Welding Jacket #3280
Tillman Leather Welding Jacket
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Shop Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle Part #220671 at Welder Supply
Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle (Pack of 5)
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Tillman Backhand Pads Part#550
Tillman Backhand Pad
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Miller Fastip Contact Tips #2061(86,87,88,89,90)
Miller Fastip Contact Tips 2061(86,87,88,89,90)
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Miller Millermatic 211 #907614 - 6 Free items with purchase Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder
Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder
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Tillman Mechanics Glove #1490
Tillman TrueFit Mechanics Glove
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