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3M Safety Glasses & Kits

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3M Speedglas Auto Darkening Filter with Silver Front Panel
3M Speedglas Auto Darkening Filter 9100XXi with Silver Front Panel, 06...
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Product Number: 06-0000-30i-KIT
3M Goggle Gear 500-Series
3M Goggle Gear 500-Series GG501SGAF #05113127455
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Product Number: 05113127455

3M Welding Safety Glasses

3M Safety Glasses & Kits

Tired of the same clear bulky plastic safety glasses? Are you wishing that perhaps you could get them in your favorite color, or that there was one that could be used for your welding, cutting, and/or gouging career? Well, you are in luck! Here at The Welders Supply Company we sell one of the most un-plain brand of safety glasses there is; the 3M safety glasses. These glasses come in several different colors so there is sure to be one that you like the most, and in a multitude of different styles to make sure you get the best fit for your face and peace of mind. But this is not all. These glasses also come in kits. Kits that house several accessories to add even more personal flair to your glasses AND make them fit your lifestyle that more firmly. For each and every one of the 3M brand of safety glasses has been personally tailored to fit your needs and desires while having the peak of safety kept in mind with all of their glasses having Scotchgard anti-fog resin coating over them to make for a perfectly clear field of view for any job or environment you may take them into.

If the 3M don’t meet your needs take a look at these other fine safety glasses sold here at The Welding Company.


Tillman Premium MIG Welding Gloves
Tillman Premium MIG Welding Gloves Product #50
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Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses -Blue Mirror Lens
Gateway StarLite Safety Glasses #469M - Blue Mirror Lens
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Jackson Safety, VIBE Earmuff
Jackson Safety, VIBE Earmuff #20774
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Miller Digital Elite AutoDarkening Welding Helmet 'Black'
Miller Digital Elite Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-Black #281000
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Tillman Green Sleeves
Tillman Green Sleeves #6217
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Tillman Firestop Jacket
Tillman Firestop Jacket Product #6230
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Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle (5-pk)
Hypertherm Powermax 45 Nozzle #220671 (Pack of 5)
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Hobart MaxalMig 4043 Aluminum1lb Spool
Hobart® MaxalMig 4043 Aluminum 1lb Spool #404303004, #404303504, ...
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Tillman Backhand Pad
Tillman Backhand Pad #550
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Miller Fastip Contact Tips 2061(86,87,88,89,90)
Miller Fastip Contact Tips 2061(86,87,88,89,90) Pack of 25
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Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder
Millermatic 211 Autoset Mig Welder 907614 (Former: 907422)
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Tillman Winter Gloves
Tillman Winter Gloves Product#1586
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REVCO BSX Welders Backpack, tool bag, gig bag
REVCO BSX Welders Backpack, Tool Bag, & Gig Bag Part #GB100
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