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Plasma Cutter Tables

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Thermal Dynamics Multi-Purpose Cart for Plasma Systems
Thermal Dynamics Multi-Purpose Cart for Plasma Systems #7-8888
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Product Number: 7-8888

Best Prices on Miller ArcStation and Strong Hand Plasma Cutting Workstations

Tired of hunching over to cut your work pieces on a concrete floor? What you need is a dedicated, work-height table for cutting. Welders Supply has several great options to consider—from the very affordably priced Strong Hand Nomad Welding Table to the fully loaded Miller ArcStation 60SX Workbench.

These workbenches/cutting tables are heavy-duty enough for shop use, but compact enough for setting up in a garage. With a heavy-duty frame like these tables offer, you’ll have a stable foundation for cutting, welding or metalworking. The Miller tables are cleverly designed to accommodate ArcStation workbench accessories like the tool chest, vise kit, x-clamp, interior shelf and convenience kit.

Best Prices on Plasma Cutting Tables and Free Shipping

Welders Supply has the lowest online prices on Miller ArcStation and Strong Hand work benches, plus free shipping within the continental US on all orders over $300. Order one today and get up off the floor!