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Tillman Welding Sleeves

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Tillman Green Sleeves
Tillman Green Sleeves #6217
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Product Number: 6217
Tillman 9oz. Green Sleeves
Tillman 9oz. Green Sleeves
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Product Number: 6218
Tillman Flame Retardant Cotton Sleeves
Tillman Flame Retardant Cotton Sleeves #6218WC
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Product Number: 6218WC

Tillman Welding Sleeves

When welding, your arms are particularly vulnerable to sparks, spatter and the intense UV light from your torch. Welding sleeves are an effective—and cost-effective—way to protect your arms. Tillman may be best known for their gloves, but they make an equally excellent line of welding sleeves.

Tillman’s welding sleeve line encompasses Leather, Fire Resistant Cotton, and a combination of Leather & Fire Resistant Cotton. As you’d expect from Tillman, they’re all made with high-quality materials and ingenious construction details.

If you can't yet find what you're looking for, our Welding Sleeves page might have the right sleeves for the job.
Tillman protects you during welding. With our low prices, Welder’s Supply protects you from spending too much money on excellent welding products.

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