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Tillman Latex Coated Gloves

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Tillman Latex Dipped String Knit Work Glove
Tillman Latex Coated String Knit Work Glove #1760
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Product Number: 1760L

Tillman Latex Coated Gloves

Tillman’s 966, 968 latex dipped gloves offer excellent protection against cuts, gouges, and punctures while also enhancing grip. The palm and fingers have a textured latex coating that still allows ample dexterity, while the DuPont Kevlar shell provides a superior cut and slash protection.

If you don’t need the added protection of a Kevlar shell, the 1760, 1538 and 1539 may be perfect for your use. These have a lighter duty string knit shell that provides abrasion and cut resistance in light-duty applications.

Tillman Latex Coated Gloves Size Chart


Tillman welding gloves size chart


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A safe welding environment is always more productive. Eliminating as many work-related injuries as possible is not only the right thing to do, greater safety is also one of your most profit-generating factors upon which to build success.

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