Hypertherm Circle Cutting Guides

Easily cut circles from 3 inches (7cm) all the way up to 28 inches (70cm) more than 2x as fast as without a cutting guide for plasma cutters. They should replace "cookie cutter" with "plasma cutter" because you'll be cutting the perfect circles every time with the Hypertherm circle cutting guide tool kits from Welders Supply.
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Close Up of Hypertherm Deluxe Circle Cutting Kit #027668
Hypertherm Deluxe Circle Cutting Kit
Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Circle Cutting Guide Basic Package #127102
Hypertherm Circle Cutting Guide Basic Package

Hypertherm Circle Cutting Guides for Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm's circle cutting guides save time, effort, materials, and help to make sure the rest of the shop doesn't have to walk on eggshells around you all day. If you've ever tried to freehand cut a 16" circle from 3/8" steel using a plasma cutter, you've probably wanted to use a circle cutting guide template tool.

The guide helps make any job involving circle cuts go faster. And you waste much less material. From a 12" piece of metal, you can jig 11.5" circles using these kits. Get it done right the first time every time with a circle cutting guide from Welders Supply.

Use the Circle Cutting Guides with:

Easy installation and ease of use make these plasma cutting circle guide kits a must-have for anyone serious about their plasma cuttings' quality.

Hypertherm Circle Cutter Guide for Plasma Cutters

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